Custom Dock Installation in Upstate New York

Do you have a waterfront property in upstate New York? Make the most of your getaway place with a custom dock for all your water sport needs. Whether you like to kayak or jet ski, the custom dock builders at Customized Docks will make sure that your property is equipped for maximum relaxation and maximum fun.

Custom Dock Installation

The best part about custom dock installation is that every detail is customized to your needs — your property, your uses, and your preferences. Whether you want space to sit and relax in the sun or a spot to park your pontoon and water toys, a custom dock can make space for all of your vacation necessities.

At Customized Docks, we’ll talk with you to determine exactly what’s right for your situation. Depending on your needs, we can install a wood or synthetic dock. Whatever materials we use, we’ll make sure that your dock will last. We want to give you a dock that will stand up to your years of family fun.

If synthetic materials are the best route for you, we’ll help you install a Wave Armor® system. These docks are ideal in upstate New York conditions because they can withstand any weather. Rain or shine, they’ll stay in top shape. Unlike wood, the synthetic materials in Wave Armor® systems won’t deteriorate, so they can be left in the water all year long.

Custom Dock Builders

We have built docks in the area for over 30 years, so we understand the craftsmanship necessary for a durable dock. Whatever size project you need, we’ll happily complete it with the right materials and our extensive knowledge. While many of our projects are for single spaces at family vacation homes, we can even accommodate an order for a commercial or multi-dock system. Just ask!

Hire us for custom dock installation in upstate New York. Contact Michael at (914) 799-5645 to set up a consultation. We can meet at our location, or we can come out to your property. We’ll build a dock you’re sure to love.